E-cigarette inhalation technique – cheek or lungs, what type of vaper are you?

E-cigarette inhalation technique

E-cigarettes have become an absolute trend almost worldwide in recent years. Independent scientific studies agree that the health hazard potential of e-cigarettes is significantly lower than that of conventional tobacco products.

Because not that which is looking for satisfactory nicotine, but the numerous other substances that are released when the tobacco is burned, are the cause of various diseases.

Tobacco smokers smoke because of the nicotine, but die because of the tar and other carcinogenic substances that involuntarily accompany tobacco smoking.

This realization seems to be an important reason and often the primary reason for many former smokers to finally free themselves from the old vice with the help of e-cigarettes. As a result, the demand for e-cigarette products has grown exponentially in recent years.

More and more providers are now pushing their way onto the market with constantly new products. It is really not always easy to keep an overview and to make a purchase decision that is tailored to your personal needs. Therefore, at this point we would like to briefly introduce you to the basic technical properties of different types of e-cigarettes and their specific effects on vaping behavior.

Maintaining an overview – because the essentials are actually quite simple: Basically, the e-cigarette vaporizer types differ in two different categories – the so-called lung vaporizers and the cheek vapors.

The type of cigarette – jaw steamer or “mouth to lung”
Bake steamers prefer to first draw the steam into the mouth and then inhale it into the lungs in a second step.

This type of vape comes closest to smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette and therefore tends to be more suitable for those switching who want to stop smoking with the help of the e-cigarette.

For this inhalation technique, you usually need an e-cigarette with a tighter draw resistance of over one ohm. This resistance allows you to suck on your e-cigarette in a similar way as you are used to from your tobacco cigarette and to collect the vapor in your mouth first – so “puffing” is also an inhalation option with these systems.

Such baking steam devices are usually more compact and less powerful in terms of wattage and steam development compared to direct lung steamers. However, this does not necessarily affect the taste development, because less steam does not necessarily mean less taste.

Modern baking steamers from well-known manufacturers, on the other hand, surprise with an intense and multi-faceted taste experience, also thanks to constantly new liquid and aroma compositions, which, even for the most passionate smoker, can by no means only represent a “healthy compromise”, but also a “taste enrichment”.

Baking steam devices are available as individually selectable components with a separate battery carrier and tank evaporator, as well as practical all-in-one devices that usually come with components that are optimally matched to one another and are ready for immediate use. Another option for baking steamers are so-called Cig-A-Likes. These are particularly compact devices which, mostly equipped with a practical depot system, are optically and functionally largely based on a tobacco cigarette.

Lung steamer or “direct lung”
The second type of vaporizer is what is known as direct lung vaping. With this inhalation technique, the steam is inhaled directly into the lungs, similar to a shisha or water pipe. In contrast to the cigarette-like baking steamers, with this technique you don’t collect the steam in the mouth first.

Lung steamers mostly operate in the sub-ohm range. Because most products in the sub-ohm range are optimized for direct lung vaping (DL) due to their comparatively low draw resistance and the large amount of steam generated.

One speaks of sub ohm when the vaporizer of the e-cigarette has a resistance of less than one ohm. The low resistance of the coil creates a more open air flow and less tensile resistance. This leads, also due to the mostly higher output, to a stronger development of steam than with baking steam.

This means that significantly larger amounts of vapor can be inhaled and correspondingly larger clouds can be produced. Lung vaping is now enjoying great popularity worldwide – including among former smokers, by the way – as this inhalation technique also enables creative forms of dealing with the steam, for example so-called cloud chasing.

Due to the increased steam production and the possibly slightly warmer steam, many vapers report that they use significantly lower amounts of nicotine with subohm vaping than with higher resistances. Due to the larger amount of steam with sub ohm vaping, more nicotine is also absorbed at the same time.

There is now a very large number of different sub ohm e-cigarettes on the market. These differ mainly in terms of design, setting options, performance and price. As with higher-resistance e-cigarettes, a sub-ohm e-cigarette usually consists of a battery carrier and a separate, suitable vaporizer, but there are also beginner-friendly all-in-one devices.

After all, there are now some models on the market that are equally suitable as lung and cheek steamers thanks to an adjustable airflow and a flexible coil system.