Vapodz employees only use disposable vapes now!

Last November we offered all our employees free disposable vapes if they quit smoking. In the beginning, the offer was slowly accepted, the majority were women. Gradually, our male employees also tried the disposable vape. At the end of last year, almost 70% of our employees had successfully stopped smoking thanks to the disposable vape.

As of March 31, 2022, all of our employees have now stopped smoking and only use disposable vape. We don’t pay our employees a higher salary, but everyone gets their disposable vapes for free and 5 more days of paid vacation per year.

The disposable vape is an incredibly good tool to get smokers off cigarettes. What was also very interesting is that our female employees stopped smoking faster than the male employees.

In the end, everyone made it and we are very proud of our employees. Anyone can quit smoking with the help of disposable vapes.

Try it, it’s easier than you think.