Payment processor Trust Payments blocked EU for the online purchase of vape products with local credit cards

Payment processor Trust Payments blocked EU credit card payments. Online purchase of vape products with local credit cards are not working anymore at Trust Payments.

Trust Payments blocked the online payment for tobacoo, e-cigarettes, e-liquid products with credit cards for the EU and the rest of the world. 

It looks like, Trust Payments and other payment processors want to shut down the sale of vape products in Europe and world wide. Vape shops are classified as high risk business same as tobacco. It’s already very hard to get a payment processor for these industries.

On the one hand, the EU in Brussels allows the sale of vape products, on the other hand, buying these products online with a credit card is prohibited. Same problem in the US, vape products are allowed but not allowed to ship. How are vape shops supposed to get the products?

It seems that the tobacco industry is paying too much money to politicians and the EU and USA and they are now trying to push vape products off the market so that cigarette sales can increase again.

In March we wondered why sales had plummeted.  Trust Payments had not informed us that Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the rest of the world are now blocked. Looks like Trust Payments want to get rid of e-cig and other high risk businesses. 

We will continue to fight so that our customers in the EU and worldwide can pay by credit card again. We are in talks with US and Asian payment processors and others to get an open payment gateway hopefully by next week